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Friday, June 8, 2012

Yoga Studio Review: Kula Yoga Project

I figure it wouldn't be right to start off my yoga blog with anything other than paying homage to my go-to neighborhood yoga studio in New York City.  If you live in New York and you practice yoga, you've probably heard of Kula Yoga Project. If the name doesn't ring a bell and you have even just an iota of love for the vinyasa practice, you better get your sweet behind down to Tribeca or Williamsburg and check it out!  The studio's "Kula Flow" classes will have you dripping with sweat, floating through the air (literally and figuratively) and moving in a way you never thought you could move.  And a when it's all done, you'll be left just plain old loving life.

I started practicing at Kula a little over a year ago and here's what really struck me about the studio (besides the crazy hand-standers in the front of the room who seemingly spend the majority of the class inverted... side note: if you do take my advice, which you should, and hit up Kula, don't be intimidated or put off by the front row "gunner" yogis... they're just there, doing what they love, much like we are) - but, I digress. What strikes me about Kula is that every class, regardless of the teacher, is legitimately great and leaves you feeling like a million bucks. Each teacher has his or her own style, of course, but all the classes are intelligently and creatively sequenced, physically challenging (but not overwhelming so... just enough to get you working your edge) and, most importantly, FUN. There's a strong emphasis on safe and precise alignment (and the alignment cues given are quite specific and pretty insightful) and there's just generally a happy, laid-back, warm and friendly vibe permeating the studio. It's a pretty special place.

Happy practicing!

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