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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is This Place for Real?

Holy apartment building amenities! Could you imagine living in a luxury apartment building with a Jivamukti yoga studio, spin studio and Olympic-sized swimming pool on site, which also offers in-house nutrition counseling, 24-hour room service from the building's very own juice/vegan food bar, "organic" laundry services and even spa services including cranial sacral therapy (cranial what? check out the Wiki low down here)? Have I died and gone to heathy living heaven? For me, this is definitely a pipe dream. But for some lucky bastards (and I use this as a term of utmost endearment), this will soon become a reality.

According to, the Madison Jackson (incidentally, they could use a better website designer) is a new 110-unit luxury apartment building which boasts all of the above and more and will soon open its doors on the Lower East Side - 371 Madison Street to be exact. Open house adventure anyone?

Happy real estate dreaming!

oxox Roxy