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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lululemon Murder Tale Turned Into Next Best Seller?


Have you heard about the horrific murder that took place two years ago at a Lululemon store in Bethesda, Maryland? If not, you'll soon be able to read about all the gruesome details in paperback.

According to the Washington Post, one of their very own reporters, Dan Morse, who has covered the bizarre unfolding of events relating to this tragedy for the past two years, just signed a book deal with Penguin to tell this truly macabre tale.

Very briefly (and vaguely), here's what happened...
It's evening in Bethesda and after-hours at Lululemon. Thirty-year-old Jayna Murray tries to stop her co-worker, 28-year-old Brittany Norwood, from stealing a pair of yoga pants from the store. Yes, yoga pants. The confrontation severely escalates and (without going into the gory details, many of which you can find here if you're curious), ends with the tragic death of Jayna Murray after she is beaten to death by Brittany Norwood.

But here's where the story gets truly grotesque. Brittany Norwood didn't flee, or turn herself in. Instead, she gave herself some cuts and other wounds of her own (yes, that's right, she beat herself up), tied herself up by the wrists and ankles in the store's bathroom and came up with a crazy, elaborate tale about two masked robbers breaking in and killing her colleague. And, apparently, she had everyone fooled - at least for a couple of days. Viewing Brittany as a victim, the police set out to hunt down the mysterious masked Lululemon killers. (Is anyone else a bit concerned that this crazy girl's story passed muster with the police??)

However, detective Jim Drewry eventually cracked the case and all signs pointed back to Brittany Norwood. In January this year, she was convicted and sentenced to a life without parole. Stay tuned for  the full story in Dan Morse's book (which I'm sure will do greater justice to this terrible tale than I have with this post) coming soon to a  bookstore near you. (And, of course, we all know this will eventually end up as a made-for-tv movie).

Quite a curious and seriously disturbing story. How could this happen in a Lululemon store of all places? On thing's for sure - the yoga community is not lacking in intrigue and scandal these days.

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