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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Have You Had Your Tumeric Today?

My friend Carmen introduced me to a new raw, organic, herbal elixir - Tumeric. You can drink it after a yoga class or gym sesh as a recovery drink or in the morning as a cleansing juice. It's supposed to boost your metabolism, alkalize your body to relieve soreness and inflammation, and energize you throughout the day.

Below is a brief description of the original formula from the Tumeric's website:

Our original formula features the finest raw, organic turmeric root on the planet — hand harvested from Hawaii’s rich, volcanic soil. Naturally sweetened with raw, organic wildflower honey from Himalayan Mountain bees, Tumeric® Original Elixir is a revitalizing blend of fresh, raw botanical ingredients that aid digestion, energize the body and awaken the mind. And because Tumeric® Elixir is not a juice, but a unique herbal formula, the full nutrient value of each whole ingredient is preserved.

You can pick it up at Whole Foods or a number of yoga studios in New York City and Boston (so keep your eyes open).

Happy recovering!

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