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Friday, July 13, 2012

You're Going to Quit Your Job to Do What???

You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them. Here's why...

I'm going to take a few minutes here to tell you a little bit about my husband and shamelessly plug his new organic olive oil.

I'm doing this because, well, he's my husband and I think he's pretty great, but more importantly, I think his is a story of what's it's like to take a big chance in life to follow your dreams rather than staying on the conventional, well-worn, risk-free path you've been steadily traveling down.

He was a corporate lawyer at a major New York City law firm, working crazy hours, and earning a not-too-shabby living. But Doug's entrepreneurial spirit was calling, screaming really. So he eventually quit his job to start an organic food company. Whaaaaaaaa? Yeah, my thoughts exactly at first blush.

But, any of you who know Doug know he's always wanted to start an organic farm (don't ask me why). Of course that's where I put my foot down. I'm all for a chilled out, hippie-like lifestyle. But, I'm not cut out for farm living. I'm just not. So Doug went for the second best thing.

His company, Frank Organics, launched their first product last fall - an extra virgin organic olive oil from Spain. Frank Organics is committed to the health of its customers and the well-being of the environment. The mission of the company is, well, being frank - Frank Organics offers its customers a completely transparent look into its growing and production processes, so its customers know that what they are getting is crop-to-cuisine, pure, organic, honestly good olive oil. Check out their website for videos along every step of the growing, harvesting and production process and interviews with the farmers in Spain.

Also, just yesterday, the company announced that its olive oil will now be stocked by The Fresh Market in its stores across the country. In addition, it's available in a variety of local gourmet and health food stores in New York and New Jersey (for a list of the stores, go here).

So the moral of the story? Take a chance in life, whatever it is. And this is not to say that straight up quitting your job and pursuing some crazy venture is for everyone. It was a lot easier for us to make that decision given that I'm still working a full time job, so we're not exactly eating scraps and burning newspaper in a trash can for heat in the winter. But it was a very tough decision for Doug to make nonetheless (What will my parents and Roxy's parents think? How do I explain this to my friends? What if it fails? What will I do next?). And, don't get me wrong, the company's still young, so there's no telling how this story ends. But the ending doesn't really matter - for me at least. In my mind, the fact that Doug took that first leap is the beginning, middle and end.

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