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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(Gasp!) Alone Time?

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I don't *do* alone time, or quiet time, or any other time when I am not talking, talking talking, seeing, seeing, seeing, doing, doing, doing, moving, moving, moving. Classic Type-A personality, on steroids (lest there by an confusion, I'm not literally, but merely figuratively, on steroids). I am the queen of making to-do lists - daily to-do's, weekly to-do's and even long term to-do's (yes, perhaps this is a symptom of my control freakishness... studies are currently inconclusive). And I'm always on the go, doing something or interacting with someone.

What I never plan is time in the day to be alone and do something entirely for myself, with no end in mind, no goal to be achieved, no purpose other than engaging in whatever it is I'm doing at that moment. (Yes, I practice yoga, but there are always other people around when I do. Yes, I try to meditate (key word there being "try"), but I'm not at a point yet where meditation is an easy breezy practice for me.)

So my new daily goal is this - to take 5-10 minutes each day to do something entire for myself, by myself (which something shall NOT involve the internet or television... because internet and channel surfing doesn't count as true alone time in my book). Taking a walk (without texting or chatting on the phone) during lunch, drinking a glass of wine on my rooftop after work, finishing the book I'm reading, reading a magazine, watching the sunset, doing sun salutations by myself in a park or just simply sitting on a city bench somewhere.

Alone time will give you a chance to decompress, reconnect with yourself, think deeply and clearly, take some good deep breaths and enjoy a few peaceful moments of serenity and solitude. Just thinking about it makes me feel more balanced and at ease!

So, if you suffer from a lack of alone time, are you with me? 5 minutes a day?

Happy hermiting!

oxox roxy